The Eighteen Weapons
See also: Eighteen Arms of Kung-fu
The Eighteen Weapons See also: Eighteen Arms of Kung-fu These weapons are revealed in a series
of duels between key characters. When first used, the name of the weapon appears on the screen.
Weapons 1 – 5 are used by Ti Hau’s clan master, Ti Hau himself, and Lei Kung during a failed assassination
attempt on the latter. Weapons 6 – 18 are used by Lei Kung and Lei Ying during their final battle. As
combat progresses, the brothers constantly change weapons as each new choice seemingly defeats the
techniques of that previously used.

For example, 7 defeats 6, but 8 defeats 7.
Rope Dart
Double tiger hook swords
Double hammers
Battle axe (Chinese: 鈇; pinyin: Fū)
Snake Halberd
Kwan Dao
Twin broadswords
Double-edged sword
Chinese Spear
Three-section chain whip
Double daggers (Chinese: 匕首; pinyin: Bǐ shǒu)
Double crutches
Monk's spade
Tiger fork (Chinese: 叉; pinyin: Chā)
Rattan shield (Chinese: 藤牌; pinyin: Téngpái)
Single butterfly sword
Three-section staff
Basic Kung-fu Camp (BKC) : 6 MonthsSyllabus: 50 Exercises, Basic Punche’s, Basic Animal Movements, 5 Kick’s (White Belt).